Facebook Friend Inviter – FB Invite All – Auto Scroll & Select All Friends

Friend Inviter for Facebook | Invite All Friends At Once 2016 | The fastest way to invite friends to like your Fan Page or invite friends to a Facebook Event (auto scroll and select all friends at once)

Updated 2016 to match Facebook new user interface change.

You can find the extension in ChromeWebstore.


Facebook Friend Inviter - Select All - Invite All Friends to Facebook Events or Pages

Why this extension is a must

If you have lots of friends to invite to events or pages, you have most likely grown tired of clicking over and over again on each person that you want to invite. We all know what a pain it is to include a bunch of people from your friends list whenever you plan an event or invite friends to like your page. This is how the extension “Facebook Friend Inviter – Select All – Invite All Friends” came to life, we decided we could make peoples lives easier and started by creating this extension, which will run some java script magic that will do all that clicking for you! All in just a single click.

How to invite all your friends to Facebook events or pages

The app will select all your friends at once, and automatically scroll down to select more friends while you can relax or do something well. Your effort spending for the tool is as little as 1 click. And that’s the click to tell our app to start scanning, autoscroll and adding your friends. You can cancel anytime, totally in control. 


– Restart your browser or reload all Facebook tabs after installation, or else it might not work!
– If the app “Facebook Friends Inviter – Invite All Friends” disappears, please go to chrome://extensions to re-enable it.
– You may use the add-on “Facebook Friend Inviter 2016” to invite all your friends to FB events.
– You may use the extension “Facebook Friend Inviter 2016” to select all friends or sub range to like your FB pages.

Terms of Use

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