Facebook Invite All Friends To Event

Friend Inviter PRO 2016 for Facebook | Invite All Friends to Events or FB Pages | Introduce you the fastest way to invite all your friends (without hurting your finger)

Updated 2016 to match Facebook new user interface change.

You can find the extension in Chrome Web Store.


Invite All Friends to Facebook Events & Pages

Why this extension is a must:

Just picture your “meh” feeling when you have to click countless time to invite each of your friends to a Facebook Event. Well, wouldn’t it be amazing if you can turn that feeling into a “relief” moment when our tool do all the work for you (yes, all the work). To explain briefly, the app will select each of your friends and automatically scroll down to select more friends while you can relax or do something well.

How to invite all friends to Facebook events using Facebook Friend Inviter PRO:

Your effort spending for the tool is as little as 1 click. And that’s the click to tell our app to start scanning your friends, autoscroll and adding. You can cancel anytime, totally in control. The best way to see how miracle this tool is is to experience it yourself for FREE.

For FREE & PRO users:

If you find the limited maxiumum 15 friends doesn’t satisfy you in free version, well here’s the thing: You can become pro users to add 600 friends at a time. That’s 40 times higher than free version & it’s actually the highest number that Facebook allows.

It’s only $5.99 (one time charge for life time updates and support). If you don’t want to become a click-addict & hurt your finger, this deal surely worths. Besides that, it’s the most affordable investment in the market. Now go to the app, click buy, login with your facebook account and pay via paypal.

* Refunds of digitally delivered content is against the policy of FbLeadApp.com. Facebook recently set a limitation on how many friends an user can invite, the app helps you to send invites to all in the allowed range, we don’t break Facebook’s rule. Regarding technical issues when using the app even you’re a trial users or premium ones, you just have to send a request to [email protected].