Q: How do I upgrade and purchase the premium version?

Answer: The app can only be upgraded when it is run. Login to facebook, open an event or page, select invite friends or suggest page, when your friends dialog loads, click the fb+ icon in Chrome’s toolbar. Then you will see a blue link within a black title bar appear at the top of the web page. Follow this link to perform OAuth, then complete checkout. Keep in mind that if you use different gmail accts for OAuth and checkout, You will need to remember which account you used for OAuth the first time.

Q: Why do I need to license your extension?

Answer: We tie each installation id to a unique User ID, however this is only for paid upgrades to PRO. You do not need to license the extension to use it in Free mode.

Q. Where is my product?

Answer: Your product will activate automatically if you purchase. Each time you use our extension it performs a check to determine whether to run in premium or free mode. Login to Facebook, create an event, click invite friends at this point if payment has been made, clicking the icon will invoke the extension in premium mode. You will no longer see the upgrade notice title bar, the extension will also auto scroll and click all selectable friends from your selected list.

Q: Can I use this app on more than one computer?

Answer: Yes, if you use multiple computers you will be required to activate a copy for each computer you use the application on. But you can run only one instance of the app at a time.

Q: Can I use this app on more than one Facebook account?

Answer: Yes, you can use multiple Facebook accounts on the same machine, same browser on which the app was installed.

Q: I reinstalled the app,  or install it on a new computer. How do I reactivate the license?

Answer: On the new browser window where you installed the app, when you try to invite people (in free mode), you will see the upgrade notice title bar. Just proceed to the upgrade link and allow fbleadapp.com to verify your information with OAuth. Make sure you’re using the correct OAuth account for fbleadapp.com. If you have more than one Facebook account, please login to the account you were using when you purchased the app, for OAuth-Revalidation step. When the license is reactivated, you can use the app for all of your Facebook accounts.

Q: I can’t invite more than “X” number of friends. Why?

Answer: We try our best to make your life easier, however Facebook has it own restrictions. Facebook sets a limit on how many invites you may send per day, per event or page.  The app helps you to do max-allowed invites. You will be able to invite more when the limit is expired or removed by Facebook.

Q: I purchased the PRO Version, but it’s not working correctly

Answer: You may be able to clear your Chrome browser cache and restart Chrome to clear the issue. If you are seeing the upgrade notice title bar proceed to the upgrade link when you try to invite people. Allow fbleadapp.com to verify your information with OAuth. If this authentication step fails, the extension will not run in premium mode. If you allow us to access your basic information. It should work again. Just close the payment window and try the extension again.

In addition to the previous steps mentioned, users with multiple Google accounts have reported issues with premium mode. Make sure that you perform OAuth with the correct account. This must be the same user account that you used when you first authorized fbleadapp.com access to your information. It is entirely possible to perform OAuth with one account and pay with another account. Here is a short video clip, describing the steps necessary to authorize your installation. If you see the message that you have successfully re-authorized your copy of Invite all Friends, The app will work in premium mode.

Q: I want my money back. Do you allow refunds?

Answer: Refunds of digitally delivered content is against the policy of FbLeadApp.com. Please attempt to resolve any issues you may be having by contacting us or sending a request to [email protected].

Q: How come this does not work on Facebook groups?

Answer: We did not design this extension to work with groups, however if we get enough demand we might look into group functions.

Q: The app does not activate into paid/PRO version how do i fix this.

Please make sure you have an updated version of Google Chrome. Recent updates and security policy have forced us to make changes to the way the app behaves and activates. Follow this link for the steps on making sure Chrome is up to date. http://support.google.com/chrome/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=95414

Q: I have tried these steps and I am still having troubles.

Answer: Please send your request to [email protected]. We’ll back to you as soon as possible.