Facebook Secret Emoticons & Smileys – Hidden Emoji Input

SECRET EMOJI gives you access to all Facebook secret emoticons & hidden smileys in FB messenger, timeline, profile wall, news feed, chats, comments, posts, pictures, videos, notes, groups, pages, events… everywhere on Facebook

You can find the extension in Chrome Web Store


Facebook Secret Emoticons & Smileys - Hidden Emoji Input

[Secret Emoji – Add Facebook Emoticon & Smiley] is a lightweight extension that seamlessly integrates into Facebook UI and shows all Facebook hidden smilies and secret emoticons. Give you quick & easy access to top secret emoji (hidden smiley & emoticon) in Facebook messenger, chats, timeline posts, comments, status, news feed, FB groups, FB pages, FB events… everywhere & every time you want to put some unique, cute & funny emoticons & smileys in your message.

Facebook Secret Emoticons & Smileys - Hidden Emoji Input

How to add emoticon & smiley to Facebook, using the app [Secret Emoji]

– [Secret Emoji] reveals a hidden button “emoji input” in any Facebook’s text input form that will help you quickly add unique emoticons & smileys to your messages.
– [Secret Emoji] provides over 400 emoji, secret emoticons and hidden smilies in FB chat & messenger.
– [Secret Emoji] is the only app of its kind that’s able to add emoticon & smiley to post and comment in FB group, page, event, news feed, timeline’s picture & video, profile wall… just anywhere you enter a text message.
– Do you ever want to send some funny, cute smileys or even some troll emoticons to a friend? so this is just a must-have extension for you. Have fun! 🙂
– These new emoticons are not just local machine compatible, they are visible to everyone regardless of whether they have this extension installed or not.
– [Secret Emoji] is the only one that works on both facebook.com and messenger.com
– And much more incoming features on our To Do list…

Facebook Secret Emoticons & Smileys - Hidden Emoji Input

Facebook Secret Emoticons & Smileys - Hidden Emoji Input


– Restart your browser or Refresh all Facebook tabs after installation, or else it might not work!
– If the extension disappears, please go to chrome://extensions to re-enable it.
– Our webpage and browser extensions are not in any way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Facebook’s logos and name is trademarks of Facebook Inc.


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