Profile Visitors for Facebook | Who has visited me on Facebook | Profile view notification & Facebook visitors counter

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Profile Visitors for Facebook - Visitors counter and profile view notification

Do you ever wonder who’s visited you on Facebook? This feature is not provided by Facebook, now with this app it is possible to see who has viewed your FB profile. The app seamlessly integrates into Facebook UI and shows all people who has visited you. You get notified when somebody views your Facebook profile, and get a Facebook Visitors counter.

How to get Facebook visitors notification and counter ?

– This app adds a button on Facebook UI navigation menu, which shows a list of your FB profile visitors.
– You will be notified when a new person visits your FB profile. Notification is refreshed every 5 minutes.
– Anyone who views your profile will show up, not just your friends.
– People have to install [Profile Visitors for Facebook – Visitors counter & notification] in order to record the visits. The more people it reaches out, the more visits you will be able to see. Please RATE the extension and SHARE it now!

Profile Visitors for Facebook - Visitors counter and profile view notification

– Facebook does not provide this feature. Therefore, only users who installed our extension can be shown in the Facebook Visitors list. Invite your friends to spread it further!
– You can enable sharing easier than ever, in one click allow the extension to share on your friends timeline automatically. If you don’t want it to post on your behalf, you can choose “No” on the confirmation dialog, or reinstall the app.


– Restart your browser or Refresh all Facebook tabs after installation, or else it might not work!
– If the browser extension disappears, please go to chrome://extensions to re-enable it.
– Our webpage and browser extensions are not in any way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Facebook’s logos and name is trademarks of Facebook Inc.