Facebook Mass Send Bulk Messages | Easily send bulk messages to all your Facebook friends. Automatically spin text in messages and share links with customized title, description, image.

You can find the extension in Chrome Web Store


Facebook Auto Send Messages

How to send bulk messages to all friends using [Facebook Auto Send] app?

+ Click on Facebook Mass Send toolbar button to open friend list window.
+ Choose friends you want to send the messages to and then click Send message button.
+ Spin text in the messages using the format {text1|text2|text3}.
+ Share link in the messages with customized Title, Description and Image.
+ Wait an interval time between sending, that way you won’t get locked by Facebook. Do not send too fast!

Facebook Auto Send Messages

Facebook Auto Send Messages



+ Restart your browser after installation, or else it might not work!
+ If [Facebook Auto Send Messages] app disappears, please go to chrome://extensions to activate it.
+ [Facebook Auto Send Messages] extension is in no way associated with Facebook and its partners.



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